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Virtual Reality (VR)

We strive to make Virtual reality accessible and hassle free. Offering support across all VR supported devices and industry standard services such as CGI renders as extras.

With some of the industries leading visuals, truly immerse your clients in the virtual world.

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Desktop VR

Experience Full VR immersion with motion control and room scale tracking

Mobile VR

Take VR anywhere with Gear/Google VR


Unlock your VR experience, customize anything and everything



We also offer Real-Time rendering as a standalone service or alongside VR

CGI renders & video

High quality CGI renders at an affordable price

360 VR

Embed Virtual tours on your website, working on any device

Augmented Reality (AR)

Visualise and interact with your product in the real world using AR, working on any IOS, Android or MR device.

Developed using the latest cutting edge software, enabling accurate tracking, lighting and reflections. To better ground the virtual object in reality.

Mobile & Web Applications

Looking for a more widely accessible platform? We are experts at crafting bespoke mobile and web applications that focus on visualisation.

From 360 tours to apartment customizers and lighting simulators, the possibilities are endless, contact us and see what we can create for you.

Architectural Services

We believe virtual reality can be a great tool for any architect’s arsenal, be it software to help scope a project, experiment with designs, pitch to a client or visualise technical drawings. No matter your current stage in a project contact us and see what we can do for you.

Offering support for:

  • Bespoke Visualisations 
  • Pre-Design (PD)
  • Design Concept (DC)/(SD)
  • Design Development (DD)
  • Construction documents (CD)

Stage 0 – Pre-Design (PD)
A toolkit to help scope out the project
Remotely access the site using VR and experiment by adding early CAD Designs, Visualize lighting, boundaries and much more.

Stage 1 – Design Concept (DC)
Helping you to win the pitch
Present your design to the client in a realistic, true to scale VR representation. Simplify your workflow by also receiving high quality CGI renders and animations without the need of another 3rd party.

Stage 2 – Design Development (DD)
Quickly prototype and visualize design choices
Using VR and real-time software experiment with architectural finishes, materials, lighting and more.

Stage 3 – Construction documents (CD)
Visualize general technical designs to help avoid future headaches
See how electrical, plumbing, air conditioning and other construction elements impact the overall design and quickly spot any oversights.

Convert 3D into VR

Looking to convert existing 3d content into Virtual Reality? We offer a  quick turnover service, taking your BIM, CAD or other 3d scene files and turning them into full VR experiences. 

This service is perfect for Visualisation studios, Architects, or any business which regularly works with 3d or CAD content.

Tell us about your project/business and we will help find you a solution to integrate VR into your workflow.  

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