Signify – VR lighting customiser

Signify – VR lighting customiser

Crafted for - PHILIPS

This interactive light configurator showcases Philips (Signify) lighting systems in an office scenario. Using cutting edge technology to simulate different lighting options and day-night circadian lighting all in real-time VR.
  • Intensity & colour control
  • Adaptive day/night circadian lighting
  • interactive floorplan
  • light detection
  • Accurate direct and global illumination

DellEMC – VR Desktop Builder

DellEMC – VR Desktop Builder

Crafted for - DellEMC

A prototype Desktop customiser using physics based interaction, designed for use in sales and education. Using a modular system, any component can be taken apart or exchanged for limitless combinations, helping the client visually customise their product and learn how it interacts.

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