Helenis – apartment customiser

Helenis – apartment customiser

Crafted for - Helenis

A virtual apartment configurator designed for VR, Touchscreen Kiosks and web. This photorealistic application is fully 3d allowing the user to walk about the apartment freely in VR while swapping between different material collections.

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ECLA – VR Campus

ECLA – VR Campus

Crafted for - Oceanis

Virtual reality was used as a staging area to test new designs for the upcoming co-living campus, ECLA, located in Paris. With a 15,000 m² open plan groundfloor and 4 fully furnished student apartments, the use of VR gave the desigers a real sense of scale and space to their designs.

FDI – Web customiser

FDI – Web customiser

Crafted for - FDI Promotion

A virtual apartment configurator for PC, Mobile and Web. Developed to allow customers to visually choose different finishes and trims apartment wide from floor tiles to kitchen surfaces. Final choices are sent directly back to FDI for review and further action.

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